An independent assessment advisory committee has examined the 14 proposals that were passed on from the gateway and on March 25 this year gave us its advice on the investments to be financed. This advice was adopted in its entirety and is an important first step towards increasing our future prosperity. Dijsselbloem was appointed chairman on the nomination of the members of the committee.

For the first round, the committee recommends allocating a total amount of 4.117 million euros (646 million euros) or reserving (3.471 million euros) for ten proposals, divided between the pillars of knowledge development, research and innovation (R&D & I), and infrastructure. The committee has devised three different funding forms for the (potential) allocation of resources from the Growth Fund. 

First, resources can be allocated unconditionally. Second, there may be conditional award. In that case, the grant becomes available if specific conditions are met. Third, a reservation can be made. In that case, the committee sees potential in the proposal, but recommends that, pending further substantiation or proven success in the first phases of implementation, not yet awarding (the full) requested contribution. After this substantiation has been provided, a new assessment by the committee will follow. 

Only part of the reservations in 2021, keeping it well within the NGF's budget of EUR 4 billion in commitments for 2021.

Brainport line Eindhoven 

The Brainport line Eindhoven proposal invests in a separate bus lane for a transport concession with emission-free self-driving collective passenger transport. The aim is to improve the accessibility and the living and business climate of the Eindhoven region. The Brainport line aims to provide rapid (supra) regional access to top economic locations and the connection with Eindhoven International Node XL. 

In addition, the proposal aims to give an impulse to the automotive sector in the region. The committee advises the cabinet not to fund Brainport line Eindhoven, with the exception of the innovation program, for which the committee recommends making a reservation of a maximum of 30 million euros (50% of the estimated costs). The reservation is intended for the further development of a 'green & smart' mobility system and will remain available for the time being for a period of nine months after the government's decision has been made public. The reserved amount can be allocated in whole, in part or not on the basis of an adapted proposal for the innovation program.

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Jeroen Dijsselbloem
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