Good news for fans of SHARE NOW (formerly Car2Go) shared electric cars. These can be found in Gaiyo since today.

SHARE NOW is a merger between Car2Go (Daimler / Mercedes) and DriveNow (BMW). The blue and white Smartjes, which until recently were called Car2Gos, you have probably seen driving around the Amsterdam city center. SHARE NOW has a fleet of more than 250 such noiseless sharing Smarts. In addition, there are also another 100 BMW i3s ready for partial use in and around the capital, but also to any other destination in the Netherlands. With SHARE NOW you can also drive cheaply to and from Schiphol Airport.

Have your car delivered

The SHARE NOW shared cars are ideal for use as onward transport after, for example, a trip by train. Not only can you take someone (or a lot of luggage) with you in such a shared car, your haircut and clothing also stay dry when it rains. Would you rather have your SHARE NOW shared car delivered to you? That is also possible! Add the comfort package to your ride and a cleaned, disinfected and charged car will be delivered to you.

Long term car sharing

Long-term car sharing is also possible with SHARE NOW. For example, people who want to go on holiday on four wheels but do not want to own a car can book a car with SHARE NOW for up to a month's use. A perfect solution for a road trip to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein.

Take your kids with you in the BMW i3

In Amsterdam, SHARE NOW has been a partner of the municipality since 2011, in promoting electrical sharing and setting up a system of charging stations. The first users of the small shared cars were usually between 25 and 40 years old. They had children and regularly approached SHARE NOW asking when there would be a larger model, suitable for more than two people. The BMW i3s meet that need. Then bring your own child seat.

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Gaiyo: overview of all your transport options

SHARE NOW's cars are available 24/7 and are located all over Amsterdam. Use the Gaiyo app for an overview of the available cars in your area, book one and go there. You can end your ride anywhere in Amsterdam, charging is not required. Parking in public parking spaces in Amsterdam is free, as is charging the car. 

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