The aviation industry and governments worldwide are busy devising ways to make travel safe in this corona pandemic. Due to the consequences of the corona crisis, the aviation industry is still not back to normal levels. Most countries in Europe are colored orange on the map of 

Worldwide, people still prefer not to fly if necessary, because they are afraid of being infected with the corona virus. Countries have their own requirements and rules regarding the corona virus. All passengers flying from, via or to a Dutch airport must complete a health declaration. This statement is part of the online check-in process and is therefore automatically presented to you when you check in online. When you check in at the airport, the questions will be presented to you there.

Now there are several rumors in the media that there are airlines that in the future will require a COVID-19 vaccination for travelers before they are allowed to fly. reports that the CEO of Airline Qantas, Australia's largest airline, recently announced in a conversation with the Australian TV program: A Current Affair, that it would require vaccination against the coronavirus for international flights in the future. The question is whether other airlines will also make this mandatory in the future. 

The aviation sector is also working on a so-called corona passport. A corona passport is an app and contains, for example, information about travel requirements such as mandatory corona tests or vaccinations. This allows the traveler to demonstrate that, for example, they have been vaccinated or have undergone a corona test. Aviation industry organization IATA is developing the app together with aviation company IAG and hopes to have this app ready early next year. Now we have to wait and see when we get a corona vaccination.

Speaking to Australian TV show A Current Affair, Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas said, "We want to change our terms and conditions so that for international travelers we will ask these people to have a vaccination before they can board." On domestic flights, the CEO said it will depend on "what happens with COVID-19 on the market, but especially for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that's a necessity."

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