The shared car is currently very popular. More and more people are opting for the convenience of a shared car. Electric car sharing organization Amber, NS and Q-Park are going to work together. Amber electric shared cars have recently become available at 4 train stations in the Netherlands. These Amber shared electric cars can be found at the P + R areas of the train stations in Zwolle, Rotterdam Centraal, Driebergen-Zeist and Alkmaar. In this way, the NS and Amber makes it possible for travelers to easily combine the shared car and the train. The ultimate goal is if travelers are enthusiastic about installing amber electric shared cars on more P + R sites at stations in the Netherlands.

Bert Vaessens, car format manager at NS: “After the train journey, you get out of the station and open the car with the app. As soon as you arrive, the barrier rises automatically and you continue on your way silently. A station is not only the place where a train stops, this is where all transport comes together. We want travelers to be able to make convenient use of this. With these electric shared cars, travelers can continue their journey to places where the train cannot reach. This is also a godsend for people living in the vicinity of the station without a car. ”

Jasper Uljee, growth and innovation manager at Amber: “At Amber we believe that sharing is the new asset. Especially with cars. We see that cars stand still for about 23 hours a day and 40% of the city has already been classified as space for the car. That can and must be done differently. That is why we have a car-sharing platform where we offer the user a guarantee on an electric car-sharing. Together with NS, we make it easier for travelers to combine the train and the shared car. The convenience of having your own car, but not the costs. ”

Photo above: NS

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