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The number of European destinations will remain around 90 to 95% in the coming months compared to the supply of flights before the crisis. A number of destinations, particularly in the United Kingdom, will be temporarily suspended. The total capacity on European flights will be reduced from 50% to approximately 40% compared to the situation for COVID-19. Intercontinental, the number of passenger flights will remain around 50 to 60% in the coming months. With cargo-only flights that is about 65%.

Network strategy

During the COVID-19 crisis, KLM made the strategic choice to restore the number of destinations in the network as much as possible. Given the situation, this will happen with fewer flights and smaller aircraft. This gives the customer the widest possible range of destinations and the network is maintained from the Amsterdam hub. In addition, a considerable number of intercontinental destinations are offered as cargo-only flights due to applicable travel restrictions.

This strategy has proven successful in recent months and has ensured that KLM has cut less deeply into the network than a number of other airlines. The months of August and September showed a clear recovery. Unfortunately, the second wave has led to new travel restrictions not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. That is why capacity will be adjusted downwards in the coming period. The KLM network strategy will be maintained, with a number of new destinations being added. Depending on the developments, adjustments to the network are possible in the coming period. KLM reports this to them in this press release website.

New destinations

COVID-19 makes a resilient network very important. By opening new routes, the loss of demand on other routes is compensated. In addition, KLM is strengthening its market position by adding new destinations to the network. KLM is therefore introducing a number of new routes:

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-On January 4, four flights a week to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) will start;

-As of December 10, KLM will fly to Zanzibar twice a week, with a stop in Dar es Salaam on the way back;

-The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been connected to Schiphol three times a day since 8 November;

-As of October 29, KLM will operate a circular flight to add Edmonton back to the Canadian network. The route is Schiphol-Calgary-Edmonton-Schiphol;

-Poznan has been flown daily from Schiphol since 25 October;

-KLM has been flying once a week from Schiphol to Chengdu and from Beijing to Schiphol since 24 October.

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