Fewer companies have made use of government support measures. UWV has so far approved more than 35.000 applications for the second Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure Employment (NOW 2.0). The first installment of the advance has been transferred to these employers, totaling more than 1,3 billion euros. The 'other commercial services' sector has the largest share in the number of applications granted. This is followed by the 'hospitality and catering' and 'retail trade' sectors. This is evident from the fact sheet about NOW 2.0 published by UWV.

The number of applications for NOW 2.0 is significantly lower than for NOW 1.0. The UWV has therefore commissioned Ruigrok NetPanel to conduct a survey among more than 800 employers who have applied for NOW 1.0, but not (yet) NOW 2.0. Of those surveyed, 20 percent indicate that they certainly intend to submit an application, 43 percent still have doubts and 36 percent indicate that they certainly do not apply for NOW 2.0.

improvement in companies

The main reason (79 percent) for not applying for NOW 2.0 is that the company is doing better again and the grant is no longer necessary. After that (20 percent) it is referred to as not meeting the conditions. The NOW scheme is intended to preserve as much employment as possible in these difficult times. Employers with at least 20 percent loss of turnover over a period of four months are eligible for an allowance for wage costs for the months of June through September, provided that they continue to pay their staff. This allowance is a maximum of 90 percent with a loss of turnover of 100 percent and proportionally less with a lower loss of turnover. Initially, the UWV pays an advance of 80 percent of the allowance. The advance is paid in two installments.

A total of 6 employers have applied since 36.435 July submitted for the NOW. 35.537 employers have now received an advance. In total, this involves an amount of more than 1,3 billion euros. These employers together employ around 693.000 people. The stated expected revenue loss is on average 53 percent. This concerns the payment of the first installment of the advance. The second term will follow later.

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