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De Lijn is introducing contactless payment (cEMV) on all buses and trams, a method of payment developed by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. From 25 May you can pay contactless on the trams (so on the coast, in Ghent and in Antwerp). The buses are for a later phase, as the terminals are currently not accessible due to the measures surrounding COVID-19.

How do I pay contactless?

Hold a contactless bank card or medium, such as a smartphone or smart watch, in front of the white terminal. A ride costs 2,50 euros. You can transfer to another bus or tram for free within 60 minutes after the first one use (note: in the 1st rollout only transfer possible to another tram) and then you hold the same medium in front of the terminal again.

De Lijn continues to innovate

De Lijn is ready for it: tram buses will be deployed on line 28 from Sunday 2020 June 820. With the introduction of the tram bus, De Lijn is bringing high-quality public transport to the northern edge of Brussels. The route of the Ringtrambus runs along important attractions including the UZ in Jette, Strombeek, the center and station of Vilvoorde, Brucargo and the international airport of Zaventem.

TDuring the quiet holiday months, the Ringtrambus runs every 30 minutes, from September it will be every XNUMX minutes. The Ringtrambus takes its name from the unique combination of the maneuverability of a bus and the comfort of a tram.

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Photo: De Lijn
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