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Under pressure from European politics, KLM will now give its customers the option to request a refund if their flight is canceled. The airline changes its voucher policy after fierce criticism and a turnaround from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

only for the future

According to European consumer rules, it is the right of customers to get a refund if desired. Yet the turnaround means that the airline does not want to implement this retroactively. The company relies on the fact that the customer previously made the choice for a voucher and thus lost the right to request a refund. KLM forgets that travelers were not given a choice and were previously 'compelling' advised by the Ministry to accept the then voucher policy.

Customers whose flights have already been canceled but who have not yet applied for or received a voucher will also be subject to the old regime, a spokesperson said. This means that they cannot ask for their money back. Contrary to EU legislation, the Dutch government did allow airlines not to give customers a choice.

KLM said that, given the magnitude of the crisis and the amount of cancellations, there will be a longer processing time. The airline company promises to come up with a plan quickly to make all vouchers more attractive, in the form of extra value.

government does not guarantee

As is known, the government hopes that the consumer will accept the vouchers that airlines issue in aviation. The same Dutch government does not guarantee the vouchers that airlines offer consumers for a canceled flight. This means that they run the risk of the relevant airline going bankrupt for a longer period of time and the voucher losing its value.

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