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Dutch politics is far from ready for e-trucks on the road. The e-trucks currently driving in the Netherlands mainly charge at private charging points. When these increase in number, the demand for public, public charging infrastructure will also increase. It is therefore necessary to carefully consider where these public charging points are needed in addition to the private charging infrastructure. 

In a letter to the House of Representatives, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven said that the public infrastructure for fast charging along the highways is currently not suitable for e-trucks or electric trucks. This applies not only to the Netherlands but also to other European countries.

In the agreements made in the Climate Agreement about making freight transport more sustainable, good agreements have been made about the realization of a sufficient and robust logistics charging infrastructure, in order to prevent this becoming an impeding factor in the transition to electric road freight transport. Logistic charging infrastructure is part of the National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure (NAL).

At the same time, major steps are being taken by the market itself in truck charging technology. As DAF and VDL presented recently a charging system that through smart charging ensures that can make an e-truck per day over 300 kilometers.


Currently, there are already several options for financial support when it comes to the realization of charging infrastructure for e-trucks. Both the Demonstration Scheme climate technologies and innovations in transportation (DKTI) and the MIA / VAMIL offer the possibility to finance logistic charging infrastructure for their own trucks. 

The MIA / VAMIL only offers the option of financial support for private logistics charging infrastructure. For the DKTI scheme, publicly accessible charging infrastructure may be eligible for funding if it is part of the project to which a financial contribution is awarded.

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Stientje van Veldhoven
Stientje van Veldhoven