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The extension of the measures will continue until April 28. Prime Minister Rutte announced this at a press conference. All locations remain closed, such as museums, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, etc. nothing will change at all. Based on expert advice, it is said that we are seeing the first results very carefully, but at the same time we also see that the dissemination continues as usual.

A week before April 28, a new decision will be taken for the period after this date. We will continue to work from home and adhere to the rules as they are now in force. Schools will remain closed for the time being until the planned May holiday. After April 28, we will not return to the normal situation.

“We must comply with the measures together. We are moving into the worst crisis outside of wartime. The strength of the Netherlands is that we all understand that we have to do it together. A far-reaching lock-down is not foreseen until Tuesday 28 April ”, says Rutte.

do not make plans for the May holiday

The May holiday is fully within the scope of the measures, so a holiday in your own country is not included. At the moment we can only look ahead 3 to 4 weeks. Given the risks of the pressure on healthcare, it is necessary to extend the measures. Do not book anything because there is a very real chance that the measures will continue after 28 April.

“We want as few people as possible to travel across the country. After April 28, we really are not quite going back to the old situation. So don't make plans for the May holiday, ”says Rutte

criticism of health care workers testing

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Starting next Monday, testing of healthcare personnel who do not work in hospitals will be started. Health Minister De Jonge says that the test capacity will be quadrupled within a few weeks.

Currently, 4000 tests can be taken per day. According to the minister, this will rise to 17.500 in the near future, with a maximum of 29.000 tests. In the press conference, De Jonge said that it “squeaks and creaksIn healthcare, but that hospitals are very driven to beat the virus.

"Then we can also test people outside the health care system," said Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health during the press conference.

The football competition will also be stopped until at least 1 June. Rutte also banned events requiring a permit until 1 June.

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Irma Sluis - sign interpreter
Hugo de Jonge