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Pierre Steenberghen of GTL rings the alarm bell for the Belgian taxi sector. The taxi companies that are still active are used in difficult working conditions and at a loss for the transport of hospital staff, port staff, drivers of public transport and returning travelers from risk areas. 

The employers' federation GTL asks to the government to take appropriate measures. As the inconvenience premium for companies without activities and specific financial and material support for those who remain active.

“The water is on the sector's lips. The activities of most taxi companies have almost stopped. Sales have fallen by an average of 2% in the past 95 weeks, ”said Pierre Steenberghen, GTL's Secretary General.

This is the result of the compulsory cessation of economic activities that generate the most journeys: catering, events, travel, etc. Economic unemployment helps, but the small self-employed do not need it and there are too many fixed costs to avoid it. go red.

Taxi companies that still carry out journeys are also struggling. They are counted on for necessary transport services, such as bringing hospital staff and public transport companies to and from home. In addition, returning travelers are urged to drive home by taxi so as not to endanger their family.