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Last Monday, the court declared TCR Group bankrupt. There are many questions and unrest among the staff. FNV Taxi holds a number of meetings for FNV members. During this get-togethers the consequences of the bankruptcy will be discussed, what may be the future and questions may be asked by the members.

They will discuss what they do not know with the curators or with UWV (the UWV will also organize its own meetings). A number of matters have been arranged in law and in the Taxi CLA when you are faced with bankruptcy.

FNV informs members about the consequences. If you go with your work to a party that carries out the transport order after bankruptcy, there is a reasonable chance that there will be successive employership. This safeguards certain rights of the employee. This is explained in detail below.

The chain arrangement

If you had a contract for an indefinite period, it remains a permanent contract. The chain arrangement is maintained in the case of temporary contracts. From 1 January 2020, the chain rule means that you will be permanently employed in your fourth year. The same applies when your fourth contract starts. After a restart, that time and / or number of contracts count towards determining whether you qualify for a permanent contract.

Transition fee

In the case of successive employership, the years of service before bankruptcy count towards determining the amount of a transition payment to which you are later entitled. For clarity, if you do not go with a restart, you are not entitled to a transition payment. That would only apply to a dismissal after a restart.

And keep in mind that if you came to TCR with the OPOV scheme in the past, the years at the previous employer will also count towards the transition payment. On July 1, 2015, the situation for employees improved due to case law and a change in the law.

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