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At the General Assembly of the UN Aviation Organization ICAO a large majority voted for the Dutch candidate, so that the Netherlands will have a permanent seat on the council for the next three years. As a member of this executive committee, the Dutch representative exercises direct influence on the ICAO policy and can thus represent the aviation interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) was at the 40th ICAO Assembly in Montreal last Wednesday to argue for the Dutch candidacy. In her speech at the opening of the general meeting, she emphasized the importance of good international cooperation. 

Not only in the interests of safe civil aviation, but above all in promoting a more sustainable aviation sector. With this council seat, the Netherlands can now ensure from the inside that safety remains at the top of the agenda and that there is also a greater focus on sustainability.

ICAO makes international agreements and develops standards that ensure the safe and orderly development of air traffic. The Netherlands is one of the 193 countries affiliated and within ICAO represents both the Dutch interests and those of the overseas territories of the kingdom.

ICAO, which includes 193 countries, is considered a major player in global aviation. ICAO makes international agreements and sets standards for the development of air traffic.

Founded in 1947, the International Civil Aviation Organization is a specialized United Nations organization whose purpose is to establish principles and standards for international aviation to improve air traffic. The headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen