The Amsterdam taxi organizations TAT ​​and Taxi city are again instituting summary proceedings against the Municipality of Amsterdam after they have been unsuccessful today. According to the organizations, the municipality of Amsterdam has incorrectly informed the judge.

The preliminary relief proceedings were instituted after the taxi organizations no longer wanted to impose the minimum sanctions prescribed by the municipality on their drivers. These are unreasonable according to the organization. 

The preliminary relief judge dismisses the requests for interim relief.

The preliminary relief judge does not follow the applicants' position and considers that the sanctions of the Decree and the protocols of measures authorized in themselves are not unreasonable or disproportionate. The TTOs also have sufficient individual room for consideration when applying the (minimum) measures to be imposed. 

While the judge are in The Hague pronunciation Alderman Sharon Dijksma announced today in a meeting with the Amsterdam taxi organizations a policy change that will remove these minimum sanctions. The taxi organizations are thus free to determine the level of the measures to be imposed.

Board chairman Ruud Lagerwaard of TAT:

“The timing of the councilor surprises us. Today we have been unsuccessful by the court precisely because, according to the municipality, the interpretation of this new policy was not yet known. That is not credible. ”

Although Lagerwaard considers the alderman's decision commendable, he believes a new step to court is necessary.

“The new regulation does not apply to existing cases. The municipality is forcing us to make these drivers breadless after all. We find that unacceptable ”, says Lagerwaard.

Taxi City maintains close contact with the municipality and, where necessary, consults on changes or improvements. For example, they point out the shortage of taxi ranks and argue for a relaxation of the prohibitions on stopping taxis, as long as the taxi infrastructure is not adapted to the offer.

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