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Today, the national government, together with companies and social organizations, is launching a long-term campaign 'Everyone does something' about the climate transition. 

Under the title 'Everyone does what', the campaign helps people make sustainable choices in and around the house. The campaign makes it clear that everyone can contribute something: big or small, cheap or more expensive. The question is not whether people can do something for the climate, but what they can do.

By inflating your car tires every two months, for example, you drive safer, cleaner and more economical and you participate in the 'Everyone does what' campaign.

Car tires deflate slowly, so you have to add some air regularly. Doing that every time can save you a lot of money. About 60 percent of drivers drive with tires that are too soft. You probably don't think about it that way, but correct tire pressure is very important. With tires that are too soft, your car is more difficult to drive, your braking distance is longer and the risk of a blowout is greater.

Put a reminder in your phone.

You have to take good care of car tires. Therefore, check your tire pressure every two months and pump in air if necessary. Put a reminder on the calendar, in your agenda or on your phone. It is best to check the tire pressure when the tires are still cold. If you have already driven 15 minutes or 5 kilometers, you must add 0,3 bar to the recommended voltage.

You can find a tire pump at a petrol pump or car wash. There are also 'smart tire pumps' in various places in the Netherlands. These pumps calculate the correct tire pressure for your car for free and then pump in the right amount of air. The pump also warns you in case of a flat tire. 

Find out where to find a smart tire inflator near you.

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