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The current driver companies will 'just' continue to exist, but Jeroen van der Kamp, DGA of the Rent A Bob and E-Drivers group of companies, wants to gradually make the shift from a driver company to a technology company. 

With DriveMe presents the company a new platform where clients and private drivers can meet and set off together. The platform facilitates the agreement, payments and, if desired, insurance. 

The platform DriveMe does not employ drivers but 'only' plays a mediating role with the result that rates for private drivers are sharper than ever.

“We have prepared the baby for launch this week, but we don't know where it will land. No idea even. That makes it exciting, insecure, cool and chaotic, but mainly inspiring because we are lucky to be able to realize this project with some very smart people, ”says Jeroen van der Kamp.

With DriveMe you no longer connect to traffic jams. On the contrary, you sit in the back seat and work. And with DriveMe you no longer drive home after a nice dinner. You place your ride on the digital bulletin board, you wait a while for the drivers to report and you choose the driver that best suits your needs.

How does the new system work?

A client can post his ride request on the digital notice board. When the driver wants to drive the trip, he can make this known by leaving a comment. The client can then choose the driver who best suits his needs. When the driver is chosen, DriveMe takes care of the realization of the assignment agreement.

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Assessment important for the driver.

As a driver you have the opportunity to grow within the platform based on experience and reviews. After the ride, the client gives an assessment of the driver, representativeness, punctuality, route knowledge and of course driving skills. Other clients eventually see this assessment, so it is very important to achieve a top performance with every ride. 

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Drivers can also request a Certificate of Good Conduct online with a DigiD

DriveMe private driver