Month: September 2019

€ 18,5 million European subsidy for rail connections

This year, the Netherlands will receive a subsidy of 18,5 million euros from Brussels for international rail connections. 12,6 million of this goes to the fast direct connection between Groningen and Bremen, the so-called Wunderline. Another 5,9 million is earmarked for the rail freight connection between Venlo and Kaldenkirchen. In addition, another 19,5 million euros will go European

First finalists NK Safest Chauffeur 2019 are known

The first five finalists of the NK Safest Chauffeur 2019 have been announced. The first of two semi-finals was held on Saturday in Rijssen, on the site of transport company Nijhof Wassink. Sixty Dutch professional drivers were tested on, among other things, professional knowledge, responsiveness, mental health and driving skills. The five finalists are: Martijn Hofman (Rijssen), Marco Dijkstra (Leeuwarden), Edwin Maljaars

Eurostar and Thalys will merge at high speed

Last Friday, Eurostar and Thalys announced that they are joining forces. The new combination will transport more than eighteen million travelers annually on a network of high-speed lines. The French national railway company has a majority stake in both high-speed lines, as does the new group. The purpose of the merger is to form