Rebel and cross-thinker Özcan Akyol is one of the guests in Scheveningen this year during the Pitane Mobility user day. The meeting is the ideal day where policymakers and companies implementing mobility solutions come together and exchange ideas in a very relaxed gastronomic atmosphere.

Various themes will be discussed, such as the realization of a sustainable or autonomous fleet, how we set up an innovative new platform for ride orders, how to deal with the purchase of real estate for own use, what with the phasing out of pension under own management, what are the new developments in mobilitysoftware and how do you bring all market parties together in one KNV MaaS lab?

MaaS: Eus is looking for the difference between hype and reality.

zcan Akyol enters into a conversation with the other guests and the public in Scheveningen and investigates to what extent MaaS (Mobility as a Service) lives in the industry or is still a hype with no substantive value.

The Dutch writer and columnist lives and works in Deventer and in recent years, despite some grumbling from his publisher, has often been seen on TV in programs such as Jinek, Pauw and De Wereld Rotait. Özcan even knew To entice Matthijs van Nieuwkerk for the first episode of Stars on the Canvas which will be seen again on broadcaster Max and what he will present himself.

Is it a hype or is it becoming a reality?

We are in an exciting time in terms of mobility. There is plenty of experimentation with electric cars and self-driving taxis. Not the core of the MaaS concept, but rather sustainability, but here too it will be 'hype' word misused. In addition, we also see the first bankruptcies of the pioneers sharing bicycles and electric carts such as the Tuk tuk.

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MaaS must help us to bring services together for the consumer. Everything arranged in such a way that they should not have to worry about buying a transport ticket, paying for his trip and connecting all kinds of services such as taxi, public transport and shared bicycle or loan car within one route.

After 25 years it is time for a party.

The Pitane Mobility user day continues this year on September 20, 2019 in Scheveningen at the Carlton Beach Hotel. Censys BV exists 25 years this year and Pitane Mobility 10 years, so reason for a party. 

The Pitane Mobility user day is an initiative of Censys BV Eindhoven in collaboration with Challans & Faber Business Communications BVBA Brussels. More information can also be read in the trade journal Passenger Transport Magazine. The full program and the possibility to register for this day is available on the website

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zcan Akyol
zcan Akyol
Pitane Blue
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