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On August 26, the company Tuk Tuk Factory BV in Diemen, founded in 2008, was declared bankrupt by the court in Amsterdam. The company's activity was trade in and repair of cars, motorcycles and trailers.

Earlier, Tuk Tuk Holding BV filed for its own bankruptcy. A few weeks ago, the board of Tuk Tuk Holding BV, together with the supervisory board, the major shareholders, the Obligatiehouders and a possible investor, discussed a necessary capital injection.

Tuk Tuk Factory searched through NPEX in 2016 still financing in the market to continue to grow the energy-efficient three-wheel vehicles for passenger and freight transport. NPEX is the stock exchange where you as an investor can buy and / or trade shares and bonds of Dutch SMEs.

Electric drive.

Less than five kilometers from the Amsterdam office of car manufacturer Tesla, the other world market leader in the field of environmentally friendly transport was emerging. 

Instead of a two-stroke engine, the vehicles of the Diemen company were equipped with electric drive. The company hoped, especially from Asian countries, a strong growth in demand for its mode of transport.

Electric transport is booming worldwide. Lightweight electric transport is the solution for inner city transport and last mile transport. The company was the largest maker and distributor of electric tuk-tuks in the world. Currently, the 'fun and friendly' vehicles are circulating in more than 30 countries. 

Diemer's factory of electric tuk-tuks still makes a restart

The Amsterdam builder of electric tuk-tuks is still making a restart. The factory that went bankrupt last August has been taken over by the idealistic investor Vincent van Campen who wants to continue production. The curator has now sold the company for 5000 euros to entrepreneur Van Campen of E-Tuk Holding. Eight employees and part of the head office are also moving. Van Campen wants to restart production of the electric moped taxis in Thailand and also develop new models.

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