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Trade union has reached agreement with Arriva about high workload.

Trade union FNV and regional transport operator Arriva have reached an agreement on tackling the high workload for bus drivers. This means that the earlier announced strikes off the track for tomorrow, Tuesday March 12. The transport company has promised that the journey and rest times of the drivers will be adjusted. 

"This is good news for drivers and travelers," says Marijn van der Gaag, director of FNV Streektransport. 'Arriva has promised that they will do something about the sky-high workload that drivers face in Twente. They now barely have time to eat, go to the toilet or stretch their legs. Arriva indicates that the drivers' schedules are being adjusted. This seems to solve a major problem.'

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Last week the FNV proposed a ultimatum to Arriva. When there was no response, the union announced strikes, the first on Tuesday, March 12. "Last weekend we received a proposal from Arriva, which was found acceptable after careful analysis by the unions," Van der Gaag continues. "We are now suspending the planned actions so that union members have the opportunity to express their views on the proposal."

A lot has gone wrong at Arriva since the takeover of Keolis transport. For example, Arriva disappointed the drivers by unilaterally canceling agreements about important driving and rest times. "Over the past two months they have had to carry out their work under extremely difficult working conditions," Van der Gaag continues. 'The result is an extremely high workload and high absenteeism due to illness. Due to this course of action, employees lost confidence in Arriva as a new employer. Only because of the threat of action from the unions, Arriva wants to restore the old driving and rest times.'

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Source: FNV

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