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Curaçao is undergoing an important change in the collection and application of the motor vehicle tax (MRB).

From Monday 8 January, vehicle owners can pay their MRB at the branches of the General Savings and Credit Cooperative (ACU) and Cpost International. The current form of MRB, including the final processing of end-of-life vehicles, is expected to continue for another two years.

Minister Charles Cooper of Transport and Spatial Planning, together with Minister Javier Silvania of Finance, are leading the overhaul of this tax system. Their working group has already issued a preliminary recommendation. Ministers expect to make a final decision this year, with implementation planned for 2025/2026. This revision could include aspects such as the weight and luxury of the vehicle in the tax calculation, instead of the current system that is based only on year of manufacture and fuel type.

The income from MRB is mainly allocated to investments in infrastructure, including road maintenance. However, since 2013, successive governments have diverted these funds to address budget deficits. Nevertheless, the MRB still flows to the general government funds. The Ministry of Transport and Spatial Planning has set aside a special budget for infrastructure, with an extensive maintenance program estimated at 350 to 400 million over the next seven years. This program includes an allocation of 30 million for the repaving of streets, starting on January 15, and a tranche of 50 million for the maintenance of viaducts, bridges, lighting, sewerage systems and bus stops.

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Upon payment, vehicle owners receive a green control sticker for the first half-year payment or a wine-red sticker for the full annual payment.

For the year 2024, the MRB rates are as follows: owners of petrol vehicles nine years or older pay 145 guilders for six months or 271 guilders for a full year. Owners of newer petrol vehicles are charged 206,50 guilders for six months or 394 guilders for one year. Diesel vehicle owners must pay 585 guilders for six months or 1.152 guilders annually, regardless of the age of the vehicle. 

To complete payment, one must present a valid inspection card, insurance certificate and proof of payment for 2023. To avoid long queues, payments can also be made at designated ACU and Cpost locations.

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