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Tech experts are criticizing the company for downplaying the incident.

EasyPark, formerly known as Parkmobile, is experiencing a serious data breach. A recent cyber attack resulted in users' personal data and partial payment details being stolen. The app, which is installed on approximately 3 million Dutch smartphones, was relaunched early this year under the name EasyPark. The incident, which was discovered on December 10, 2023, led to the leak of contact details such as name, telephone number, physical address, email address and partial IBAN or credit card numbers.

EasyPark has confirmed that the leak is the result of a cyber attack that took place last Sunday. The company has called in external security experts and taken measures to stop the attack. A report has also been made to a national supervisory authority, probably the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

EasyPark customers have reported various error messages in the app since the incident. The company has indicated that affected customers will be notified by email. However, there is uncertainty about the extent of the breach as not all customers have received a message. EasyPark regrets the incident and emphasizes that it is working hard to restore customer confidence.


Tech experts have criticized EasyPark's handling of the incident. They accuse the company of downplaying the data breach, despite the seriousness of the situation. The discrepancy between EasyPark's claim of “non-sensitive” data and the actual leaked data, including partial payment information, is a concern. In response to this article, EasyPark responded to our response by saying that they are very concerned about this situation mourn.

"We would like to emphasize once again that we take the cyber attack seriously and that we have taken all necessary steps to resolve it and confirm that the leak has now been closed. No more data has been leaked than reported on our website, including no parking data; This data is not visible to third parties. The attack has also not affected the operation of the app. The customers concerned have been contacted. A data leak naturally raises concerns."

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Tech experts are criticizing the company for downplaying the incident. Their concern is that EasyPark is not fully open about the nature and extent of the data breach, and the possible risks for users. This lack of transparency and clarity can further undermine customer confidence.

The details of the data breach at EasyPark are disturbing. The incident, which took place on a Sunday and was discovered on December 10, 2023, resulted in the theft of sensitive customer data. Despite the company's efforts to stop the attack and inform the relevant authorities, including a suspected notification to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, concerns remain about the impact and scale of the breach.

The fact that EasyPark reports that the leaked data is 'non-sensitive', while personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, as well as partial payment details have clearly been accessed, points to a serious discrepancy in the company's communications company. This information is indeed sensitive and can have serious consequences for the customers involved.

The EasyPark app, which enjoys great popularity with approximately 3 million installations in the Netherlands alone, underwent a major change at the beginning of this year. The company, formerly known as Parkmobile, has revamped its image with a new name and a revamped app. However, this positive development is now overshadowed by the data breach.

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