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Lynk & Co's success in the Netherlands underlines economic and environmental benefits as key to sustainable urban mobility. The lenders can set their own hourly prices, with the lowest average price in Sweden (9 euros/hour) and the highest in Italy (30 euros/hour).

Lynk & Co's recent data highlights a significant shift in the approach to our mobility, with an emphasis on car sharing. This trend is supported by the fact that more than 20% of Lynk & Co's Dutch members actively participate in car sharing. This is a striking development in a society where cars traditionally remain unused for most of the time, often as much as 96%.

Lynk & Co's strategy differs from conventional car manufacturers. They focus on the more efficient use of cars through a sharing system. This system aims not only to increase accessibility to mobility, but also to prevent the addition of more cars in already busy urban areas. The effectiveness of this model is underlined by the impressive figures: Lynk & Co cars have been shared for more than 1,5 million hours and the number of shared cars exceeds 18.000.

“Car sharing isn't just a service – it's about making mobility accessible and committing to sustainability. It's our way of revolutionizing the essence of car ownership and paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future, one ride at a time."

Lynk & Co's long-term vision in the field of car sharing is characterized by creating a community and encouraging users to actively participate. This is made possible by a user-friendly interface that focuses on more than just reducing CO2 emissions. The Lynk & Co 01 models are specifically designed for sharing, equipped with advanced technology that makes it possible. All bookings and transactions are handled safely and easily via the app, and the shared cars are fully insured by Lynk & Co.

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In addition to sustainability benefits, car sharing also appears to be economically profitable. In the past year, Lynk & Co car sharers jointly earned 850.000 euros. More and more members are covering their monthly membership costs by sharing their car, demonstrating that at Lynk & Co members don't just drive cars, they actively contribute to change.

The rise of car sharing in the Netherlands, led by Lynk & Co, represents an important shift in how we think about car ownership and use. It reflects a growing awareness of the inefficiencies of traditional car ownership, where vehicles sit idle for the vast majority of the time. This insight has led to the search for alternatives that are not only economically but also ecologically sustainable.


Lynk & Co's approach to car sharing is not only innovative in its simplicity and forward-looking, but also in the way the company integrates technology to make this possible. Each model, like the 01, is designed with sharing in mind, featuring technology that enhances and simplifies the user experience. This has been a crucial factor in the adoption and success of the car sharing system.

The financial benefits of this model are also significant. The ability for Lynk & Co members to generate income by sharing their cars has led to a new way of thinking about car ownership. It is no longer just a cost item, but can also be a source of income. This is a strong motivation for participants and contributes to the popularity of the program.

The impact of Lynk & Co's car-sharing initiative extends beyond its users. It also has a broader social impact. By reducing the need to buy new cars, it helps reduce congestion and environmental pollution in urban areas. This is an important aspect at a time when cities are struggling with these challenges.

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co creates mobility solutions for the connected generation. They make really good cars (the kind that have everything you want without you having to ask) and offer a new way to use the cars. The various membership options make mobility accessible and flexible. A member can have access to a car on a monthly basis and share it with friends, family and the Lynk & Co community

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