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A holiday where snorers and their partners can finally enjoy together in harmony.

Holiday with your partner: sun, sea, beach and… the hoarse sound of snoring next to you. While some couples hide in separate bedrooms at home to avoid each other's nightly noises, abroad this is an expensive option. But don't worry! The Truiense Trudo Carlier of travel organization De Blauwe Vogel meets snoring couples.

The latest arrangement At first glance, De Blauwe Vogel looks like an ordinary family room, but it is specially designed for snorers and their partners. Guests are provided with two adjoining rooms with a special soundproof door in between. During the day, both rooms are in open connection for maximum cosiness. But when the sun goes down and the nightly concerts begin, one can close the door and enjoy an undisturbed sleep in peace.

Most would think that two rooms equals paying twice. However, thanks to smart purchasing and De Blauwe Vogel's long history with hotels, the surcharge for this special package is only 300 euros. A pittance for a snore-free holiday! Travel agency De Blauwe Vogel, which can proudly look back on 400 years of travel history, has built its reputation thanks to a personal and customer-oriented approach. And now they are adding this playful snoring package to their offer.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a world of beautiful white sand beaches, archaeological treasures and beautiful mosques.

Travelers are transported in style on a direct Emirates flight from Brussels to sunny Dubai. A six-night stay awaits there in the luxurious Hyatt Place Jumeirah, where an extensive breakfast buffet is available every morning. And rest assured, all you need is an international travel pass that is valid for at least another 6 months. A holiday where snorers and their partners can finally enjoy together in harmony. That promises a lot of romantic stories when you return home!

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