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Ten-day explosion of culture and joy, the 180th Ghent Festivities welcome everyone.

As of today, the city of Ghent will once again be bustling with life and music as the long-awaited 180th edition of the Gentse Feesten kicks off. The festival, which runs from July 14 to 24, features a series of free events and everyone is welcome to join in the festivities.

The Gentse Feesten are known for their unique beginnings. Instead of a massive opening, the city is gradually coming alive with the parties waking up little by little all over the city. Concerts will start from 20 pm, but you don't have to wait to enjoy the lively atmosphere on the terraces.

For those who wish to attend the official opening, an impressive water and light show will take place at Portus Ganda at nightfall. This fantastic show starts at 22.30:13 PM, after which the city will be alive with all kinds of activities and events from XNUMX PM daily.

However, the party will not go on non-stop, because the people of Ghent take a well-deserved break every morning. While the music stops at 2.30:3am in most squares and the taps close at 5am, some venues, such as Sint-Jacobs, go on until 8am. At Vlasmarkt, the music won't stop until the sun rises, ending at XNUMXam – ten nights in a row.

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The festival expects a range of talented artists, including Gustaph, Flip Kowlier, Aaron Blommaert, Zoe Bizoe, Vive La Fête, Pommelien Thijs, Maksim, Dirk Stoops, Dans Dans, Lady Linn, Stake, Guga Baúl, Barbara Dex, Roland, Mama's Jasje, Bent Van Looy, Christoff, Jelle Cleymans, Glints, Yves Deruyter, Arbeid Adelt!, Gabriel Rios, KAA Gent and TL.

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How do you get there?

It is recommended to come to the parties on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. Additional bicycle parking will be available, and for those who want to go home safely after a beer or two, there will also be additional taxi ranks, including on Ottogracht.

As for public transport, De Lijn will function, but with some adjustments. Everything will be normal until 13 pm, but after this time the trams will be banned from the center for safety reasons. However, tram 1 will run 24 hours a day and will have final stops at Veldstraat and Burgstraat from 13 pm. In addition, there will be 12 Party Buses that run at night from the South at 0:30 AM, 02:15 AM and 04.00:XNUMX AM to almost all directions.

So put on your party outfit and come to the Gentse Feesten – a ten-day festival full of music, culture and fun. It promises to be an unforgettable experience in the heart of Ghent.

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