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Marjan Post and Rico van der Pol from Jubbega recently started their own Taxi Unieck where there is always time for a party.

In the heart of Friesland, hidden between vast green meadows and traditional Frisian villages, lies Jubbega where Taxi Unieck is a transporter. In the company of Marjan (48) and Rico (53) they naturally drive far beyond Friesland. As a small transport provider, the lines are always short and the possibilities are endless. Ordinary taxis are already enough.

Running a taxi business in a small town like Jubbega can be challenging, but with the right strategies and a customer-centric approach, the business can continue to thrive. Not only is De Kompenije known centrally in the village, Dr. Quattro a lot of attention. An ex-GP ambulance yellow Audi A4 station simply could not be missing in the fleet. In addition to this Yellow cab, the fleet consists of a very spacious, neat 8-person Volkswagen Crafter bus, which is ideal for group transport, bachelor parties or Airport service, among other things. 

Line 115 from Heerenveen to Assen, line 515 from Heerenveen to Jubbega and line 518 from Gorredijk to Noordwolde run through Jubbega, all operated by carrier Arriva. So there is room for a taxi company and in smaller communities like Jubbega everything revolves around personal relationships. Marjan and Rico believe that every taxi ride should be unique. They do that with the standard street taxi rides, but we also do that for special occasions.

A group of 4 elderly people wanted to visit their place of birth and parental home one last time. They wanted to reminisce. A volunteer was also there to help and extra hands were requested from Dushi Medical Care.

Since the villages were somewhat apart, Marjan made a nice car route in advance. After everyone had boarded, the collapsible wheelchair was secured, we left. Everyone had plenty of room to sit and a clear view through the large windows. The route was popular and many stories were told here too. Along the way, regular stops were made at the side of the road, so that the guests could view everything from the bus. Of course halfway through a cup of tea with something delicious and a sanitary stop could not be missed. With a smile on the face, we were able to drop this cozy group off at the care center via the city center of Zwolle. Beautifully timed, they could join us for dinner.

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less mobile customers

In addition to transporting mobile customers, they can also easily set up the bus for less mobile customers. With the help of an electric tail lift, wheelchair transport is also possible or even transport of a mobility scooter. Their bus has room for up to 4 wheelchairs. The floor is equipped with special hooks, to which the aids can be hooked for safe transport. Finally, anyone who can still board independently can use the extra low illuminated entry with large practical grab bars. This bus is only intended for unique people, because there are enough ordinary people already.

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An ex-GP ambulance yellow Audi A4 station simply could not be missing in the fleet.

How do you ensure that doing business remains fun and that every day is an experience? We have some tips. Running a taxi company in a small village like Jubbega in Friesland can be challenging, but with the right strategies and a customer-oriented approach, the business can continue to thrive. In smaller communities like Jubbega, it's all about personal relationships. Provide excellent customer service to build a loyal customer base. Make sure your taxis are always clean and comfortable and that drivers are friendly and professional.

The demand for taxis can fluctuate in smaller villages. Be flexible in your hours of operation and consider services such as pre-scheduled rides or special event transportation to diversify your income. Be an active member of the community. Sponsor local events, support local charities and advertise in local media. This increases the visibility of your business and strengthens your reputation in the community.

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Even though your business is local, an online presence is still important. Invest in a simple but informative website. Also use social media to interact with customers and keep them updated on special offers or services. Business conditions can change, so it's important to regularly review and adjust your business plan. Keep an eye on local market trends and be prepared to tailor your services accordingly.

Job requirements

We wish Marjan Post and Rico van der Pol every success in this picturesque village east of Heerenveen, also known as Jobbegea. An idyllic destination that offers travelers a unique experience to experience the authentic Frisian culture. In addition to the local bakeries known for their “Sugar Bread”, a delicious, sweet treat typical of this region, there is now also Taxi Uniek, your reliable carrier for all your taxi rides in the North. Ordinary taxis are already enough.

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