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Unlike petrol stations, many charging stations are not located on the highway and are used by traffic from two directions.

In the run-up to winter sports, KPMG already warned that charging station traffic jams for winter sports enthusiasts who drive to Austria with an electric car are mainly the order of the day towards Frankfurt. The fast-charging network on German roads to Austria may have been expanded, but the number of Dutch people with an electric car has grown much faster.

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When I visited a colleague last week and saw an electric car in front of his door, I knew immediately. Another colleague of ours is probably on winter sports, so that turned into a car exchange again. A common picture, because driving an electric car to winter sports requires a lot of patience and research to find the charging points in advance. And so do others, with the result that waiting times of up to 60 minutes are not uncommon.

KPMG expects between eight and ten thousand electric vehicles to drive from the Netherlands to Austria during the holiday period, which will have to charge at least twice along the way, but probably more often given the low temperatures. The charging capacity along Germany's motorways has expanded in recent years, but is probably not yet prepared for the large flow of electric cars during the spring break.

Plenty of charging facilities have been installed in Austria in recent years. Especially in parking spaces along the highway and at hotels and restaurants. Still, according to KPMG, it pays to find out before the trip whether there is a charging station near the final destination, because the offer varies enormously per village.

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