BinBin is the largest provider of electric shared transport in Turkey.

GO Sharing's shared vehicles will soon be available for use again. The company announces today that it has been acquired by BinBin, the largest provider of shared transport in Turkey. Thanks to the acquisition, GO Sharing can continue its sharing service and all credits already purchased remain valid.

With the new partners behind them, GO Sharing will again offer the electric shared scooters and bicycles in the 13 municipalities where the company was active in the coming week. The company will continue under the same name and recognizable color and with the same shared vehicles. In addition, all credits previously purchased by users remain valid. The acquisition also lifts the suspension of payments and all creditors are paid in the short term.

“The pioneering in electric shared transport has shown its ups and downs, whereby we are now once again on an upward trend in our mission: electric shared transport for everyone. We have learned a lot from the past few years and look forward to tackling the European transport challenge under the wing of experienced BinBin. In the Netherlands we pick up where we left off. We would like to thank our users for their patience and trust over the past period.”

With the acquisition of GO Sharing, the Turkish company is expanding its activities to Western Europe and is taking a major step in its ambition to become Europe's largest provider of multimodal shared transport. “The trustees are satisfied with this sale to BinBin. GO Sharing is back on the streets and under the wing of a major European player. This takeover is good for everyone involved,” says curator Marc Udink.

BinBin is the largest provider of electric shared transport in Turkey and offers more than 25.000 shared scooters to more than 3 million users in various Eastern European countries. The company produces its own hardware and software that is required for the rental of electric partial transport.

Founded in 2019, BinBin is a technology company.

Founded in 2019, BinBin is a technology company that produces technology in the field of micromobility and provides environmentally friendly and practical transportation solutions. The company offers vehicles developed with domestic software and engineering under its own brand name, creating alternative solutions for both a sustainable world and practical transportation. ThousandThousand, which employs more than 500 people, draws its strength from its curiosity for innovation and commitment to continuous development as it seeks rational solutions to the transportation problems of growing cities.

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