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IHAs are held several times a year where quality of life and safety are under pressure.

Recently, considerable inspections, inspections and seizures took place in The Hague during the first major integrated enforcement action (IHA) of 2023. During this inspection, the focus was on the ZKD business park (Zichtenburg, Kerketuinen and Dekkershoek). 

IHAs are held several times a year in various areas in The Hague where quality of life and safety are under pressure. During this IHA, the municipality of The Hague worked together with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, the fire brigade, the National Tax Agency, HTM, Stedin, HEIT, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), the Dutch Labor Inspectorate and the Environment Agency Haaglanden.

During the inspection, 120 vehicles, among others, were checked. In 2 cases a too high blood alcohol level was blown. The drivers were fined for this. It was not easy to catch 1 of the 2 drivers as they tore across the Werd at 120 km/h. There were 2 arrests where a firearm resembling a real firearm was found with 1 suspect. After investigation, this turned out to be a pellet gun. 

This vehicle also contained a holster and a flashing light. These have also been seized by the police. The municipal taxes team seized 8 vehicles for a total of more than 17.000 euros. These all got a wheel clamp. No one paid right away. The National Tax Office collected more than 20.000 euros in tax from a total debt of almost 156.000 euros. 

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During the inspection, 120 vehicles, among others, were checked.

Fare-dodgers in public transport will be one euro more expensive as of this year. A fine costs from now on 56 euros. During an inspection of 30 trams on 2 lines, 66 people won prizes. Two of them were lucky. They were able to pay immediately and each charged 43 euros. Two travelers could not show their ID and received a police report. The employees of the enforcement organization went into the neighborhood to provide information and to check for nuisance and incorrect parking. 

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For the latter, 27 vouchers were issued and a warning issued. It is important that a neighborhood remains accessible to emergency services. Sometimes this is not the case, for example due to incorrectly parked vehicles. Leaflets were left behind during the inspection to inform residents about this. In a few cases, reinforcements were requested by the police enforcers. These major integrated enforcement actions in The Hague must ensure greater safety and quality of life in areas where this is under pressure.

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