The new carrier will take on the role of mobility broker and must develop a new MaaS app.

The final Program of Requirements for the West Brabant public transport concession has been established by the Provincial Executive. 184 responses were received to the draft programme. A number of adjustments have been made to the final programme, including the requirements for lines to the educational institution Curio Prinsentuin in Andell. In addition, the new carrier will be obliged to offer an app/platform for Mobility as a Service.

In addition to the 184 responses received, the Brabant Travelers Consultation has issued an advice, carriers have been consulted and comments from the Provincial Council have been included in the final Program of Requirements. The program now established contains minimum requirements. This gives carriers the space and flexibility to come up with proposals for the public transport network themselves. The final result will be qualitatively and quantitatively better than the minimum requirements.

v Commissioner Suzanne Otters-Bruijnen: “We listened carefully to all comments and advice. Some we have adopted, others we have not. We took another good look at the lines to Andel and found a suitable solution for it.” In the final program, the future carrier is obliged to have lines from the municipality of Drimmelen, the municipality of Dongen and from Kromme Nol at least until 2028. to maintain Curio Prinsentuin in Andel.

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Deputy Suzanne Otters of the VVD - photographer: Marc Bolsius

Another adjustment is that the new carrier will take on the role of mobility broker. He must offer an app/Mobility as a Service platform containing travel information about public transport and other forms of transport. Travelers should also be able to book rides from the hub taxi and bus stop taxi in West Brabant using the app/platform. As described in the provincial vision Shared mobility is tailor-made, we look for alternatives where only a few travelers use public transport per trip. In any case, the hub taxi will run throughout West Brabant from the new concession. This is available during the day on weekdays, if there is no other public transport alternative, at the public transport rate.

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The next step in the process is the opening of the tender procedure. Mid-March, interested market parties can register and request the specifications. It will be announced in December who will be the new carrier in West Brabant from July 2025. This new public transport concession involves a subsidy of 32,55 million euros per year. The final Program of Requirements and the Memorandum of Answer can be found at

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