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The €49 ticket is a successor to last summer's popular €9 ticket.

Rates vary from country to country or provider to provider. Travelers in Germany will be able to use cheaper public transport again from May 1, because for 49 euros per month you can travel unlimited on buses, trams, metros and regional trains throughout Germany.


The Belgian railway company NMBS will increase the rates from February with an average increase of about 8.7 percent. The railway company says it is forced to adjust the rates to the impact of rising inflation and energy prices. The entry fee is also going up.

The Brussels public transport company STIB, on the other hand, will reduce the prices of the annual season ticket for people over 65 from February. From 65 February, anyone over the age of 1 can take all STIB trams and buses for a year for 12 euros, which was previously 60 euros. However, the Brupass rates will increase on 1 February.

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Ticket machine STIB-MIVB
Ticket machine STIB-MIVB

In the Netherlands, the NS previously announced that it will increase prices by an average of 4,3 percent, which means that other public transport prices have also risen sharply. The NS did choose to lower the costs of some subscriptions by 2,2 percent. For example, the train must remain attractive to commuters. HTM tram and bus tickets also became an average of 7,24 percent more expensive. That is a lot higher than in previous years.


The 49-euro ticket is a successor to last summer's popular 9-euro ticket, which was intended to boost public transport and help people pay for transport costs during holidays. That has worked out well, so that the 49-euro ticket is on sale from April 3. The ticket will soon be valid on all city and regional transport, but not on intercity and high-speed trains.

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