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Tesla Model Y breaks an all-time 53-year-old Volkswagen Beetle sales record in Norway.

The previous record held by the Volkswagen Beetle held for 53 years, but now Tesla Model Y breaks an absolute 53-year old Volkswagen Beetle sales record in Norway. In Norway, 16.912 Tesla Model Ys were sold last year, a boost for the American car manufacturer. However puts into perspective automotive journalist Iwan Kneuts set the sales record.

According to Kneuts, we should make a few comments. Norway is an atypical market. Tesla has been active there for a long time, even before the other brands were. The brand also has a reputation for being very safe and Tesla was also very quick to build a network of very fast chargers. Electric cars have become increasingly popular in Norway in recent years. This is partly due to the fact that the Norwegian government has taken several measures to stimulate the transition to electric vehicles. For example, no purchase tax or BPM is due on electric cars and there are also no road taxes. In addition, there are also tax benefits for companies that purchase electric cars for their employees.

It is therefore not really a surprise that Tesla is doing so well in Norway. For example, there are many public charging points available, making it easy to charge on the go. The country wants to ban all fossil fuel vehicles by 2025. There are also several makes and models of electric cars available in Norway. For example, there are the well-known brands in addition to Tesla such as Nissan and BMW, but also Norwegian brands such as the Norwegian developed and built Th!nk and Buddy. So there is plenty of choice for anyone considering switching to an electric car.

Cars on fossil fuels, on the other hand, are taxed much more heavily. Depending on their emissions, the tax can be up to 100 percent of the base price of the car. Until recently, electric cars did not pay road tax or toll in Norway. Those benefits will be phased out from January 2023. From now on, all vehicles will be subject to a weight tax. This means that their owners will have to pay the equivalent of 1,1 euros per kilogram above 500 kilograms. “If you know that a Tesla easily weighs 2 tons, you quickly arrive at a tax of 1.500 euros per year for Tesla drivers. From a certain purchase amount, an additional 25 percent VAT is added,” says Iwan Kneuts.

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The previous record held by the Volkswagen Beetle had stood for 53 years.
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