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With the purchase of these new trains, 30.000 seats will be added.

The Dutch Railways has signed a contract with the Spanish train manufacturer CAF for sixty new double-deckers. These double-decker buses consist of single-decker and double-decker carriages, which means that there are more seats and better accessibility for people in wheelchairs. People in wheelchairs can get into the train more easily due to the level entry and extending step. With the purchase of these new trains, 30.000 seats will be added.  

“The level entry of the single-decker carriages makes the train more accessible, the double-decker carriages in the middle provide extra seats. Naturally, the train will soon offer our travelers every convenience during their journey, such as charging points, WiFi and comfortable seats. With a top speed of 160 km/h, this train can also travel faster than the current double-deckers, which is important for achieving a shorter travel time. We have good experiences with this manufacturer. Our most recent Sprinters (type SNG) are built by CAF and drive through the Netherlands to everyone's satisfaction. We look forward to working together on this new train.”

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New double-decker NS and CAF 4.

The new trains have comfortable seats, charging points and Wi-Fi. The top speed of these trains is 160 kilometers per hour. Now the design phase starts with the manufacturers first, then when the design is final, a phase of production, testing and admission starts. These trains replace part of the double-decker type DDZ van NS. The new trains are expected to run in 2028 and will cost 600 million euros.

“We are pleased that NS is once again counting on CAF to introduce this new train. In recent years we have gained useful experience with the introduction of the latest Sprinter, called SNG. This train has been running since 2018 and has been enthusiastically received. Together we will ensure that the new double-decker is also a valuable addition for travelers.”

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