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The police are fierce about it and often warn against it in the winter.

We are not used to it anymore, but it is quite cold in our little country this week, which brings all kinds of inconveniences. For example, we have to scratch our car windows again, what a misery. You come out at the usual time to unsuspectingly get in your car and drive away. Unfortunately, your car windows are completely frozen and you will first have to clear them of ice, so you will arrive at your destination later. In short stress.

Ice on your car windows is a major obstacle to your view of the road and therefore also life-threatening. The police are fierce about it and often warn against it in the winter. The fine for not properly de-icing your car windows can amount to no less than €250, excluding administration costs. The fine depends on how bad the visibility is. A motorist is obliged to have sufficient visibility to the front and to the side. The police therefore advises to thoroughly clean the front and rear window and the side windows before driving. Don't forget to make the exterior mirrors ice-free. 

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The ANWB has put a few tips on their website so that you can quickly see clearly through your car windows again.

  1. Wipe the inside of the car windows with a cloth or chamois leather.
  2. Cover your car windows with an ice blanket, mat or piece of cardboard so you don't have to scratch.
  3. Scratch the ice off your car windows with a window scraper or use a defrost spray.
  4. Make sure the car's wipers are off or you'll damage them if they get frozen and they come on.
  5. Scratch your rear window briefly, even if your car has rear window heating. This way you have a view of the traffic behind you immediately upon departure.
  6. Only switch on the car after you have cleared the car windows of ice, this is better for the environment and the cold engine uses extra petrol.
  7. Place the scraper at an angle against the car window: this is the easiest way to remove the ice.
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