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It is expected that many people will switch to public transport.

For only nine euros you can use public transport in Germany for a month. Excluded are long-distance trains and long-distance buses from private operators such as Flixbus. The ticket is also not valid on special tourist trains. In theory you can travel from Munich to Hamburg or from Freiburg to Sylt with a ticket. But since you are not allowed to use long-distance trains such as Intercity, Eurocity or Intercity Express, you have to count on a lot of time.

The idea comes from the German federal government. In view of the sharp rise in the fuel prices they want to make the use of public transport attractive. Although the nine-euro ticket will initially only be available in June, July and August 2022, many people are expected to switch to public transport. However, not all Germans benefit from this, as there are rural areas where neither trains nor buses run. Or the frequencies are so low that public transport is not an alternative to the car.

literally dirt cheap

Although the German federal government mainly wants to relieve commuters with the cheap network card, its use for leisure purposes is expressly not prohibited. The ticket can be used to travel to friends and family, but also for a holiday within Germany. The only drawback is that long-distance trains and buses cannot be used, so that for longer distances you have to take into account numerous changes and a long journey. But it's literally dirt cheap.

The tickets of nine euros are available at the usual points of sale where regional tickets are for sale. Tickets can be purchased, for example, at ticket counters, vending machines or via the homepages of the DB or transport association. The month in which the ticket of nine euros must be valid can be chosen freely. You can only buy before June 2022 or until August 2022. You don't have to commit to the following months either, because buying later is no problem at all.

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