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For Forseti it is a good time to better integrate target group transport and public transport. Firstly, because, according to Forseti, the state is in charge and public transport companies are on the drip and because two systems are now being compensated next to each other. Not only public transport is on the drip, target group transport is also financially supported. For Forseti it might be the idea to set up a task force from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Integration of the systems is a long-cherished wish of all parties.

The fastest way to cut costs is according to forsetia to better integrate target group transport and public transport. It has been on the agenda for years but never really took off. It is also a matter of willingness. The municipalities and concession managers for public transport must meet together. Due to the fall in the number of travelers, the revenues of the public transport companies have decreased sharply. At the same time, the cabinet has asked carriers to keep the timetables up to date as much as possible, so that necessary journeys can be made safely. For this reason, the availability compensation was introduced last year. 

“Extending the scheme now is a logical step because it is uncertain how long this crisis will last. It is important for travelers that they can rely on reliable public transport. With the availability fee, we keep the Netherlands accessible by public transport, so that the elderly can take the bus to get their corona vaccination, care staff can come to work by metro and students can travel by train to their practical exam. ”

The government has made 2020 billion euros available to public transport companies for 2021 to the end of September 2,6 to deal with the corona crisis. Whether further support is needed after this will be decided before 1 July 2021 on the basis of studies into cost savings and optimisations by governments and the transport companies. This can be read on the news site from the national government. 

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