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That's the response to the lock-dow. A blow for the Netherlands. For the economy. For workers. But a necessary blow. We must do everything we can to stop the boom in corona infections. According to CNV the umpteenth setback for workers. But they assume that the cabinet will continue to support the economy, even after this lock-down.

We call on the whole of the Netherlands to adhere to the rules for real. Because we have always done too little, this hard measure is necessary.

Yet at CNV they think that the current vaccination plan is inadequate. The Netherlands should take an example from Germany. Germany is currently converting its test lanes into vaccination lanes. Everything will be ready there in two weeks. The Netherlands is calmly waiting for the vaccine to be delivered ready-made. Only then to see how the implementation is progressing. A pure waste of time. If we continue like this, it will take another year for everyone to be vaccinated.

“The vaccination of millions of people is an immense, unprecedented operation unlike anything seen before in the Netherlands. However, the cabinet plan is hardly in favor of this, ”says Piet Fortuin, CNV chairman.

As a result, the economic damage will be even greater than is currently the case. With this strategy we plunge according to NVC in a third corona wave. The result: billions in damage to the economy, tens of thousands of extra unemployed and overburdened healthcare. Healthcare workers could hardly handle this second wave, let alone a third corona wave. The number of unemployed is rising even further. 

The cabinet must therefore speed up the conversion of test streets to vaccination streets. Priority also has the rapid vaccination of millions of workers, so that everyone can get back to work full time. The company doctor must also play an important role in the vaccination of workers.

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