Good weather has been predicted for this weekend, but West Flemish governor Carl Decaluwé is again calling on the population to stay away from the coast. The coast locks up. Even click lines, although they prefer not to be called that, are a commitment to the federal government, because the law is the law. The police will carry out extra checks on people who, despite the ban, would still move to the coast. 

Meanwhile, the West Coast Police Department is calling on residents to notify you if you notice second-stayers on the coast. Second-stayers speak of a 'click line', although the police contradict that. It is simply the number of our dispatching on which you can also report other matters. There is no good explanation for breaking the rules anymore.

then to the beach in Noordwijk?

No, because the guidelines are also clear in the Netherlands. Mayor Wendy Verkleij van Noordwijk called earlier not to come to the beach. According to the mayor, it is in the interest of health that the Dutch do not flock to the beach.

German and Belgian holidaymakers are also not welcome during and during the Easter weekend. Prime Minister Rutte has urged residents of Germany and Belgium in three languages ​​not to come to the Netherlands in order to avoid the risk of more corona infections.

To reinforce this call, the Netherlands will also try to bring to the attention of Germans and Belgians via social media that they should not come. The appeal to the Dutch population was equally clear.

“My appeal to the whole of the Netherlands is to continue to stay at home as much as possible. And when you go outside, never look for places where many people are likely to come together at the same time, ”says Mark Rutte.

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Scheveningen Beach
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