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Bertho Eckhardt, chairman of the Royal Dutch Transport, was clear during his speech on the annual KNV New Year's reception in the Littéraire Society De Witte in The Hague. For MaaS, designed on the basis of 'the traveler central', data exchange of travelers between the different organizations is necessary to be able to offer a joint customer journey. 

not an ego system but an ecosystem

Grist at the mill of Daniel Mes of the Cabinet European Commissioner Frans Timmermans die Timmermans Green Deal came to explain. The European Commissioner wants to take irreversible measures and spend a lot of money to make the economy greener. In total, 260 billion euros will be needed per year in the near future. A quarter of the EU budget.

“The urgency is high, but there are also great opportunities. It is not going fast enough, it has to be faster. That is the motto of the Green Deal, which European Commissioner Frans Timmermans propagates ”, says Daniel Mes.

MaaS requires a common ecosystem, and a common set of legally enforceable and independent specifications, rules and agreements for this ecosystem to work. Different parties have different roles and responsibilities here. We are talking here about a collective set of agreements that is also referred to as an agreement system, 'scheme' or 'trust framework'.

roaring twenties by Kees van der Burg

One of the guests and key note speaker was Drs. C. (Kees) van der Burg. He has been Director-General of Long-term Care at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport since 2014. Before that he was director of Long-term Care at the same ministry, director of Social Support and deputy director of Financial and Economic Affairs. Kees van der Burg started his civil service career in 1991 at the Ministry of Finance, where he held various positions until 2002.

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Kees van der Burg
KNV - Society De Witte
KNV New Year's reception