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Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) notes that the process of sending the new cards by KIWA is not going well. The sending of the BCT cards (driver and entrepreneur cards) by Kiwa causes considerable delay and problems. The driver and entrepreneur cards must be replaced by March 20, 2020.

At present, just over half of all BCT cards have been produced and transferred to the AMP delivery service. This delivery service has been hired by KIWA and delivers the cards personally to the drivers by appointment.   

The other cards will be made and delivered in February 2020. According to Kiwa, the last shipment of the BCT cards will take place in the third week of February. After that, there are still 4 weeks to get the BCT cards to the drivers.

KNV warns of the seriousness of the matter

It is important that all BCTs are provided with a software update by the manufacturer before March 20, 2020. On March 21, 2020, the BCT, when not updated, is defective. This applies to the vast majority of BCTs in the market. Once the BCT has gone black, according to KNV it can no longer be used and these BCTs can no longer be repaired.

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Kiwa Rijswijk
Photo: © Shutterstock - Kiwa Rijswijk
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