This public-private partnership works to create an open mobility market and a successful implementation of MaaS within Europe. With this membership KNV wants to make an active contribution to the development of MaaS in Europe. KNV is working in the Netherlands on an open MaaS ecosystem in the Netherlands.

The MaaS Lab, coordinated by KNV, was established with the aim of creating the right preconditions for healthy and optimal MaaS services in the Netherlands. Pitane Mobility is also part of the KNV MaaS Lab together with many market parties such as ANWB, Arriva, BOVAG, Keolis, Leaseplan, PON, NS, Transdev and Translink.

Demand-driven mobility is the future. Digital platforms have fundamentally changed the telecom market, the travel industry, the hotel and banking sector. Digitization is also heralding a new era for the mobility market, in which travelers can plan, book and pay for various forms of transport via a single access point.

MaaS is not an 'app', but a different way of experiencing mobility

Politics in The Hague and in Brussels will make important choices in the coming years in the field of mobility as a service, also known as Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

“We are committed to the development of MaaS in the Netherlands. With the MaaS Lab, we bring together carriers, MaaS providers and platforms to promote mutual cooperation and to facilitate advocacy towards governments. As a member of the MaaS Alliance we actively participate in the further development of MaaS within Europe. ”says Hubert Andela, director KNV.

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Sonila Metushi
Sonila Metushi - KNV
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