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Johan Cruijff ArenA visitors' electric cars can power the stadium. The first, bi-directional, charging station that makes this possible was connected today by Laurens Ivens, alderman for the municipality of Amsterdam. In the future, dozens of similar chargers will be installed in the parking garage under the stadium. The ArenA is investigating how it can reward visitors for their 'borrowed electricity'.

Smart vehicle2grid technology coupled with the ArenA battery controls, when necessary and with the permission of the owner, that the correct amount of energy is delivered from the car to the stadium. The system ensures that the battery is charged on time so that visitors can return home safely. The energy from the cars serves as extra storage and backup for the ArenA. This reduces the electricity costs of the stadium and contributes to a more stable Dutch energy grid.

“A wonderful initiative where, in a fast-paced world of Smart Cities, electric vehicles and digital systems and algorithms, we are now taking a step towards an innovative way of sustainable and social mobility. By also being able to return the clean energy to the stadium, you as a visitor make a smart contribution to the ecosystem. A great milestone for public and private partnerships to be proud of, ”said Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, Municipality of Amsterdam.

The initiative will start with fourteen regular charging points and one bi-directional charging station charger on the ArenA deck. In this system, subsidized by the European Union, electric vehicles are used as an innovative energy source for the stadium. The project is in line with future mobility plans, such as mobility hubs, in Amsterdam. Batteries from electric vehicles can play an important role in making the energy transition in the Netherlands more sustainable. 

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The project is the result of the collaboration between BAM, The Mobility House and the Johan Cruijff ArenA and is supported by “SEEV4City”, an initiative of Interreg North Sea Region, the Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund and Nissan.

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