Uber is allowed to appeal again after Transport for London (TfL), the London transport authority, did not issue a new permit to Uber. Because the current permit expired on Sunday, this means that the taxi service is no longer allowed to drive in the British capital. As long as that appeal continues, which can take months, the company's cars can continue to drive in London.

"I know this decision may be unpopular with Uber users, but their safety is the number one concern," said Sadiq Khan - Mayor of London.

Uber had previously received a license for London that was only extended for two months. That is the shortest period Transport for London (TfL) has ever delivered. The application for a 'standard'  rental car license - limited to five years - has also been rejected,

It was the second time in two years then TfL had rejected Uber's application for a full license. In September 2017, at the end of its first five-year admission period, TfL said Uber was not an “exemplary and appropriate” company, indicating concerns about passenger safety. On appeal, Uber was granted a provisional license with a term of 15 months.

Indian taxi provider Ola replaces Uber

Indian taxi provider Ola will begin offering services in London next month. The company has received a permit from the British transport supervisor. 

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