The judge hearing the application for interim measures must pronounce on two announced strikes at KLM Catering Services (KCS) today. The FNV Catering union has planned these strikes for Thursday 17 and 24 October. The actions are part of a nationwide strike in the entire catering sector, FNV Catering reports in a press release on Monday.

The previous summary proceedings, of Tuesday, October 8, were withdrawn by making agreements between FNV Catering and KCS. KCS demands a limitation of the strikes of October 17 and October 24 at Schiphol.

“We made arrangements with KCS before the October 10 strike. These have meant that the strike has had little impact. For the strike days of 17 and 24 October, we want to make wider actions possible, namely a 24-hour strike. KCS wants to have this banned ”, says Harry de Wit, director of FNV Catering.

CLA negotiations

After months of negotiating, CNV Vaknemers and De Unie have achieved a negotiation result with employers, which means that catering employees will decline in purchasing power. Veneca's final offer is according to FNV Catering insufficient improvement for all 20.000 catering employees.

Three day strike in October

In addition to Thursday 10 October in Amsterdam, FNV Catering calls on all catering staff to also strike 17 hours on Thursday 24 October in Rotterdam and 24 October in Utrecht.

Two other unions, CNV and De Unie, previously concluded an agreement with the employers. According to FNV, however, that agreement means that the 20.000 catering employees will decline in purchasing power. The union already says that the strike will continue for the other catering employees on Thursday, regardless of the judge's decision.

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