The first Sochi All-Russian conference was held in November 2017 and attended by 385 delegates - top managers of taxi services, representatives of competent executive authorities of the Russian Federation, owners of taxi fleets and heads of relevant public organizations.

According to the organizers, the upcoming conference will attract even more experts and industrial participants, regional, federal and international. They can discuss market problems, learn about effective business development strategies, and find new business partners.

In February 2019, Vladimir Putin committed to radically review the mandatory requirements that entrepreneurs must meet in their operations. To date, many of the mandatory transport and transportation requirements have become outdated and have not been revised for over 20 years. ”

In addition, the exhibition will take place during the Sochi conference through which participants learn about new taxi industry technologies and communicate directly with company representatives.

Changes for the state, business and passengers

Various entrepreneurs from various European companies such as Stephan Schwartz, API GmbH, Gregor Beerner, representative and Gerrit Saey, director of Censys / Pitane Mobility form an international group and search together with Wim Faber, director, Challans & Faber Business Communications Brussels, answers to questions during Sochi All-Russian TAXI-2019 such as hthe Russian state, business and passengers will respond to the rapidly changing environment.

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Sochi taxi fleet
Sochi international delegation during informal meeting
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