Today Slinger is introduced, the free app for friends, teammates and festival visitors. With Slinger you can share empty car seats via WhatsApp. Handy and clean: less traffic means less emissions, less emissions means more fresh air. 

Slinger is free and available for iOS and Android. The app is designed to reduce CO2 emissions. If you have one or more empty seats in your car, you can now easily share them via WhatsApp and fill your car without any hassle. Organizations and sponsors of the events are also given the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions via Slinger.

1 billion kilometers

It is estimated that 1 billion KM are driven annually in the Netherlands to sports competitions, festivals and events. The event industry expects over 1100 festivals this year with a total of 19,5 million visitors. And every year more than 300 million kilometers are driven by car in Dutch football. By introducing the simple and free technique, the savings can increase considerably.  

KNVB and Justdiggit

For the launch of the beta version, a partnership has been entered into with the KNVB, which sees opportunities in the app to reduce the CO2 footprint of Dutch football. There is collaboration with Justdiggit, known for its large-scale landscape restoration projects, which is committed as a partner to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Tikkie of riding along

Slinger is also called the Tikkie of riding along. In addition to the simple app, there is an online dashboard where organizations can use the Garlands to their event. In this way, visitors and organizers become part of the solution. The visitors ride with each other, and the event organization or one of its partners rewards this by donating money to CO2 emission reducing projects.

About the initiators

Liebe Leute, and Lama Lama worked together to develop Slinger. Marvin Pupping from Liebe Leute, about why Slinger:

“We believe that we, as creative agencies, have a responsibility to take. By using technology, creativity and network, we want to contribute to a more sustainable mobility landscape ”..

According to Jort Boot of Lama Lama, the mobility market is a very large market:

“It would be fantastic if we could make a big impact with this simple tool and our credo 'Send an appie, give a Slinger'”.

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