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Founders Irina Grooten and Rogier Iding of Intermediaire Business Desk know the answers to difficult questions about financing from the sector. Ask the question of what the purchase of real estate for own use and the phasing out of pension in-house does on the agenda during the Pitane Mobility User Day is not superfluous. 

"We saw the intermediary struggling with this type of financing applications. On the one hand, the intermediary has a strong urge to help the customer, but the knowledge, computing power, inputs and support were lacking. On the other hand, it takes an intermediary too much time because this type of financing often deviates greatly from the regular residential mortgage”Said Iding.

Sustainability and legislation.

IBD Nederland can finance office buildings, both for rental and for own use. Financing an existing office building or new construction, but also for the renovation and taking energy-saving measures, they know how to find the appropriate financing for you.

Minister Ollongren of the Interior has indicated that from 1 January 2023 all office buildings in the Netherlands must have an energy label C or higher. The labels run from A to G. Where A stands for particularly energy-efficient to G for energy-consuming.

IBD Nederland believes that sustainability goes a step further in saving energy and has integrated sustainable entrepreneurship into its business operations. By including sustainability from the start of IBD Nederland, we can combine environmental protection with daily business operations.

The lenders are enthusiastic.

“We ensure that applications before submission are seriously tested for their feasibility and so we ensure complete and complete applications so that they can work more efficiently. Intermediaries who engage IBD Nederland with financing issues for commercial and invested real estate are thus provided with services that help them to fully and even better serve their customers. The intermediary guides the customer and we do the rest”Said Grooten.

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Doing business is investing