Tesla is involved in a tough battle with car builders like Volvo, BMW, VW and Audi that reduce its lead in all-electric models. Musk's announcement comes just days after Tesla reported record sales. 

Musk's offensive follows a number of negative developments at the automaker. The share price has fallen by a few dozen percent this year. At a recent shareholders' meeting, the CEO told his shareholders that Tesla is heading for record production.

Countless setbacks continue to chase Tesla

In an internal mail, Musk stated that those disappointing quarterly sales were one-off. "We already have enough car orders to set a record, but the right cars are not all in the right locations yet."

In another internal announcement, Musk had announced that 50.000 Teslas had already been ordered by the middle of the quarter. Telsa has a bad reputation when it comes to leaking internal emails. There is skepticism in the market whether Musk can live up to the expectations raised. Tesla is facing declining demand from China and a constant need for fresh capital.

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