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Lean Brexit agreement, big losers are already known

Gerrit SayyDecember 30 2020

It took 1246 pages to put a meager agreement on paper. Many sectors will sense Brexit and ultimately experience it as a hard Brexit. The most visible will be the long waiting times at the border crossing...

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Obtaining a negative corona test is more difficult than expected

Mesal HikmetDecember 30 2020

Travelers arriving at the airport must show a negative corona test, which for many causes the necessary stress in the preceding period. Every day we receive messages from desperate…

Pythagoras Avenue Utrecht

Smart traffic light recognizes approaching cyclists with help radar

EditorsDecember 29 2020

Cyclists can cycle faster and safer through the green light at the Pythagoraslaan-Archimedeslaan intersection in the Utrecht Rijnsweerd office park. A bicycle radar recognizes approaching cyclists and measures the number of cyclists and their speed. The radar forwards the received information to the smart traffic light that…

MultiTank Card

Those who want to refuel cheaply should go to Sneek or Hoogeveen

EditorsDecember 29 2020

MultiTankcard has announced the cheapest petrol pumps in the Netherlands. If you want to refuel cheaply, you should go to Sneek because the Joontjes Kreditank gas station has become the winner of the Smart Fueling Award 2020 in the E10 petrol category, with an average liter price of only € 1,434.…

Mandatory negative test statement for travelers

Mandatory negative test statement for travelers

EditorsDecember 29 2020

The flight ban on passenger flights from South Africa and the flight and docking ban for travelers from the United Kingdom will be canceled with effect from Wednesday, December 23 (00.01:XNUMX a.m. Dutch time). Instead, all passengers, including EU citizens, must...

E-bike market is growing, according to research GfK

E-bike market is growing, according to research GfK

EditorsDecember 28 2020

Figures from the annual GfK E-bike Monitor 2020 show that more Dutch consumers have purchased an e-bike in the past 12 months than a year earlier. And it is even expected that the e-bike market will grow again next year.…


The same drone rules for drone pilots in the European Union

EditorsDecember 28 2020

From December 31, 2020, the same rules will apply to all drone pilots in the European Union. This provides clarity and makes it easier to fly a drone in the EU. The new regulations must keep the airspace safe and more…

Boeing 737 Max

Air Canada makes unplanned Boeing 737-8 MAX landing

EditorsDecember 27 2020

Air Canada flight makes unscheduled Boeing 737-8 MAX landing after pilots were forced to shut down one engine. Safety experts say such failures are common and usually go unnoticed, but the manufacturer is bracing for increased scrutiny. Modern aircraft…


Bella storms coast, leaving houses without power

Mesal HikmetDecember 27 2020

Winter Storm Bella has battered Britain, leaving hundreds of homes without power after thousands fled amid heavy flooding and 130mph winds. Last night the storm hit the British coastline with strong gusts of wind, resulting in many…

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Waste corona test sites is not disposed of properly

EditorsDecember 27 2020

We have many corona test locations throughout the Netherlands, which also means a lot of waste. Used cotton swabs and protective clothing of employees are often not properly packaged and disposed of. This is evident from inspections by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) at 39...


Camp with your own toilet from SVR and Evenementenbranche

Camp with your own toilet from SVR and Evenementenbranche

Mesal HikmetMay 12, 20203 min read

[responsivevoice_button voice=”Dutch Female” buttontext=”read out”] Although the news regarding…

Vacationers Corendon Corona-proof on vacation

Vacationers Corendon Corona-proof on vacation

Marlene de BoerMay 11, 20202 min read

[responsivevoice_button voice=”Dutch Female” buttontext=”read out”] People are sitting at home in…