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The German band Rammstein will perform again on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen.

Nijmegen Goffert station will be closed to concertgoers of Rammstein and Bruce Springsteen for safety reasons, as announced by the Dutch Railways (NS). The closure was introduced to prevent chaotic situations that could arise due to the large numbers of concertgoers. On June 18 and 19, the station will not be accessible from 22.30:27 PM. On June 29 and 21.00, during the Bruce Springsteen concerts in the Goffert Park, the station will close from XNUMX p.m.

To ensure that concertgoers can travel safely and efficiently, the NS has arranged an alternative in the form of free shuttle buses. These buses will transport visitors between the event location and Nijmegen Central Station. The shuttle buses are available to everyone and offer a reliable solution to the problem of the limited capacity of Nijmegen Goffert Station.

According to a spokesperson for the NS, Nijmegen Goffert Station is simply not designed to handle such large crowds. In the past, this has led to a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction among concertgoers. After a performance in the Goffertpark, many people were faced with the unpleasant surprise that the station was not accessible, which led to anger and confusion. The measures that have now been taken should prevent such situations and ensure the smooth running of the concert evenings.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Rammstein live Goffertpark Nijmegen

The concerts start around 19.30:16.00 PM, while the field doors open from 20:30 PM. Visitors arriving by car can make use of various parking options that have been set up to manage the flow of traffic. A popular option is parking on Tarweweg. With a parking ticket, available through Eventim, you are assured of a parking space. From this location it is approximately a XNUMX to XNUMX minute walk to the entrance of the concert site.

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Another useful option is the 'Park and Bike' regulation. Visitors can park their car on the outskirts of Nijmegen, for example at Heijendaal or the parking lot on the road through the Berendonck. They can then use a rented bicycle to cycle to the site, a ride of maximum 15 minutes. This option provides an environmentally friendly and efficient way to reach the concert site.

For those who prefer to use a shuttle bus, there is the 'Park and Shuttle' arrangement. Visitors drive to a shuttle bus pick-up point on the edge of the city. Shuttle buses leave every five minutes from Van Rosenburgweg and Staddijk, near the A73. The journey with the shuttle bus ends at a location within a 5 to 10-minute walk of the concert site. The car park for this service is open from 13.00:00.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX AM.

In addition, a guarded bicycle shed has been set up for cyclists, where they can safely park their bicycles until the end of the concert. This service offers the advantage that you can travel at your own pace, independent of public transport or parking lots.

With these measures, the NS hopes to offer visitors to the concerts a smooth and safe travel experience, despite the closure of Nijmegen Goffert Station. It is a step that has proven necessary to prevent chaotic and unsafe situations, offering a wide range of alternative travel options for all concertgoers.

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